VB2000 2.6 has been integrated into the current release of GAMESS. (June 1, 2012).

Updated WinVB2000 2.5 with a bug fix. (March 3, 2011).

WinVB2000 2.5 released (December 23, 2010).

VB2000 2.5 released (November 5, 2010). VB2000 2.5 has the following major enhancements:

VB2000 2.1 (R1) released (Feb. 10, 2010).

The latest version of WinGAMESS has VB2000 2.1 built-in. To have the full functionality of VB2000 in WinGAMESS, you should have WinVB2000 2.1 installed.

VB2000 2.1/WinVB2000 2.1 released (September 10, 2009). If you have WinGAMESS installed, you can run both WinGAMESS and WinVB2000 jobs from the same WinVB2000 graphic interface by drag-n-drop input files into the WinVB2000 framework and click the run button.

WinVB2000 2.0 released (November 21, 2007). This Windows version is based on VB2000 2.0, which has the following major enhancements:

VB2000 Version 1.8(R3) released (May 31, 2007). This version is updated and compatable with the current version of GAMESS (March 2007).

VB2000 Version 1.8(R2) released (July 25, 2006). This version has the following major improvements.

VB2000 Version 1.8(R1) released (Nov. 3, 2005). See what is new in this revision.

VB2000 Version 1.8 released (July 24, 2005). This version has the following enhancements: Also see the screen shots of VB2000 1.8 GUI and VB orbitals